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For the out of state and rural clients, you can satisfy the court requirements by taking both your DUI and Victim Impact Panel here...ONLINE. You are eligible to enroll in the Nevada Victim Impact Panel online if a live panel is not available within sixty miles of your residence.

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James Bixler
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"Best online traffic school experience I’ve had to date, and I’ve had a few."


"I liked the price and found the course to be a little fun and a lot simple. I learned a few new things and didn’t have any trouble completing the course. At the end of the course I printed my diploma, turned it in and got my ticket reduced."


"Hopefully I won’t, but if I get in trouble again I’m definitely coming back to this course. I think I learned enough to stay out of trouble this time."


"I like the look of the class. It was so easy to use I didn’t have to call one of my kids to help."

Mary Anne

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